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About Us | Helping You Get More Hits

Since our founding in 2013, the IfTraff team's priority has been to provide clients with the most effective Traffic Exchange on the internet.

Everything A Traffic Exchange Should Be

When it comes to generating traffic, you need a service you can count on. For years, webmasters have turned to IfTraff for superior scalability and measurable results. Our mission started simply: create a website traffic solution fit for the best but make it available to everyone.

Today, we are proud to serve an international community of nearly two million members. Are you ready to join the millions of webmasters seeking to lower bounce rates, increase page visit durations, and higher traffic with the help of IfTraff? Read more about how IfTraff works here.

Globally Grown

The IfTraff team is also international. With a deep understanding of other countries and the needs of webmasters everywhere, IfTraff has been able to grow into a company with a conscientious culture.

Respecting Rights

While IfTraff provides a platform for automatic traffic exchange, we always strive to be compliant and respect the rights of 3rd parties. We understand that many websites are increasingly relying on 3rd party content. To prevent unwanted traffic, we are currently not displaying ads on most websites.

Earn Traffic The Easy Way

We make gaining unlimited visitors to your website more accessible than ever. Save on the expenses of online marketing and advertising by.